Antimicrobial agents

Infectious diseases have been considered a topical problem of the mankind from time immemorial. Epidemics carried away lives of entire cities, and their origin has presented material for thought at all times

Antimicrobial agents

So what are infectious diseases for us in everyday life? Let’s consider that using quinsy as an example. Acute tonsillitis which we usually call quinsy may be caused by a variety of causative agents. Most frequently those are streptococci. Upon getting into the body, microbes encounter one of its “defensive lines”, pharyngeal lymphoid ring. If the body defense is weakened, microbes get to the mucosa of the tonsils, start propagating and our body activates a general response system: special cells consuming and digesting microorganisms are sent to the tonsils, enhancing blood circulation in that area, body temperature rises in order to create unfavorable conditions for propagation and spreading of the microbes. If the defensive response is weak, microorganisms may damage the organs: peripheral lymph nodes, heart and kidneys, with their toxins. Quinsy therefore requires prompt treatment, without permitting the infection to damage the entire body.

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500 mg, 3 x 500 mg film-coated tabs

Macrolide antibiotic


    0.01 % solution, 50 ml

    Antiseptic and disinfectant


    1.5 g, 1 x 1.5 g vial

    Antimicrobial drug for systemic use


    5 mg/ml, 1 x 100 ml vial

    Fluoroquinolone antibiotic


    50 ml in a vial; 1 bottle with spray nozzle in a pack

    Spray for oral cavity.


    0.2 mg, 20 x 0.2 mg

    Drugs for treatment of throat diseases


    1.0 g, 1 x 1.0 g vial

    Antimicrobial drug for systemic use

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Antimicrobial agents

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