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Nervous system drugs. Parasympathomimetics. Choline alfoscerate. Choline alfoscerate is the medicinal product that belongs to the group of cholinomimetics of central action with a predominant effect on the central nervous system (CNS). Alfacholine® has a positive effect on the memory function and cognitive abilities, as well as on the emotional state and behavior, the deterioration of which was caused by the development of an involutional brain pathology.

Psychoorganic syndrome associated with involutional and degenerative changes in the brain, consequences of cerebrovascular insufficiency or primary and secondary cognitive disorders in elderly people, which are characterized by memory impairment, confused consciousness, disorientation, decreased motivation and initiative, reduced ability to concentrate. Behavioral and emotional disorders in elderly people, emotional lability, increased irritability, decreased interest to the environment; pseudo-melancholy.

Administer 1 vial of solution orally 2 times per day.

Dose specified may be increased by a doctor.

Specialized edition for medical institutions and doctors.