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Drugs acting on exoparasites, including itch mites

Benzylbenzoate-Darnitsa possesses acaricidal action against various mites, including the itch mite (Sarcoptes scabiei) and mites of the Demodex genus, has antilice activity. The drug has bacteriostatic properties due to the presence of an antimicrobial preservative, cetylpyridinium chloride.

Treatment of scabies and lice.

Benzylbenzoate-Darnitsa ointment is intended for local use. 10–15 g of the ointment should be used in a single application. In children, all the skin should be covered with the ointment; in adults, it should be applied onto all skin regions, except the face and scalp. In scabies, before the application of the drug, patients should take a hot shower with soap to remove scales and crusts, carefully wash the soap off and dry the skin with a towel. First, the ointment is applied onto the palms, hands, then onto all the remaining parts of the body top-to-bottom (do not apply the ointment onto the face and mucous membranes). Last, the ointment is applied onto the legs, feet, and between the toes. In delicate skin regions (inguinal region, genitals, breasts) as well as in eczema, dermatitis, or pyodermia, the ointment should be applied carefully without rubbing in.

After application, the hands should not be washed for 3 hours. In some cases, after the applied ointment is dried (usually after 1 hour), it is recommended to apply another layer of the drug. After each treatment, the patients should put on clean underwear, clothes, change bedding. After 24–48 hours, the patients should take a shower and again change underwear and bedding.

The ointment should be applied onto the skin 4 times over 2 weeks with 3–4-day intervals. The average ointment consumption per treatment course is 60–90 g.

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