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Antituberculosis drugs


Isoniazid inhibits DNA-dependent RNA polymerase and retards the synthesis of mycolic acids of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis cell wall. The drug has high bacteriostatic activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, restraining their growth at a concentration of 0.03 µg/ml.

Treatment of all forms and localisations of active tuberculosis in adults and children (as a first-line drug).

Administer Isoniazid-Darnitsa intramuscularly, intravenously, as inhalations, intraocularly.

Administer Isoniazid-Darnitsa intravenously for the treatment of disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis, in massive release of bacteria, concomitant gastrointestinal tract diseases, in patients who avoid taking the drug orally, if oral administration is ineffective.

The intravenous daily dose is 200-300 mg for adults, 100-300 mg (10-20 mg/kg body weight) for children, 3-5 mg/kg for neonates, but not more than 10 mg/kg body weight per day. Inject 2.5-10% solution intravenously (if necessary, dilute the drug with water for injection or 0.9% sodium chloride solution) for 30-60 seconds once daily. The treatment course depends on the effectiveness of the therapy and the tolerability of the drug – 30-150 injections. To prevent adverse events in intravenous administration of Isoniazid-Darnitsa, vitamin В6 (pyridoxine) and glutamic acid should be used. Pyridoxine should be administered intramuscularly (100-125 mg) 30 minutes after Isoniazid-Darnitsa or prescribed for oral use (60-100 mg) every 2 hours after intravenous infusions of Isoniazid-Darnitsa. Glutamic acid should be taken at a daily dose of 1 to 1.5 g. Bed rest for 1-1.5 hours is required after intravenous administration.

Administer intramuscularly in adults and children as a ready undiluted 10% solution of Isoniazid-Darnitsa 5-12 mg/kg once daily for 2-5 months. To reduce the adverse effects of this administration method, oral pyridoxine at a dose of 60–100 mg should be prescribed concurrently with Isoniazid-Darnitsa (it can also be administered intramuscularly 30 minutes after Isoniazid-Darnitsa at a dose of 100–125 mg/kg).

Inhalation of Isoniazid-Darnitsa is to be prescribed in 1-2 procedures as a ready undiluted 10% solution. The daily dose is 0.005-0.01 g (5-10 mg) per 1 kg body weight. Inhalations should be carried out daily for 1-6 months.

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