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Isoniazid-Darnitsa inhibits DNA-dependent RNA polymerase and retards the synthesis of mycolic acids of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis cell wall. The drug has high bacteriostatic activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, restraining their growth at a concentration of 0.03 µg/ml.

– In combination with 3-4 other antituberculosis drugs for the treatment of active tuberculosis of all forms and locations;
– as monotherapy for latent tuberculosis infection;
– as monotherapy for tuberculosis prevention in persons who have been or are in close contact with tuberculosis patients.

Select the daily and course doses individually, depending on the course and form of the disease, the degree of isoniazid inactivation, the effectiveness of therapy and the tolerability of the drug.

Isoniazid should be administered orally before meals or 30-40 minutes after food ingestion.

The dose for adults and children is 5 mg/kg body weight once per day for daily use, or 10 mg/kg body weight for intermittent administration (3 times per week). The maximum daily dose for adults is 600 mg, for children – 500 mg.

Treatment of active tuberculosis lasts 6-8 months, the course for prevention is 2-3 months.


May be used for the treatment of children with a body weight of not less than 30 kg.

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