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Antihypertensives. Antiadrenergic agents with a central mechanism of action. Imidazoline receptor agonists

Clophelin is a centrally acting hypotensive agent, a selective agonist of postsynaptic α2-adrenoceptors of adrenergic neurons. It lowers the sympathetic nervous system tone.

Hypertensive crisis (except for hypertensive crisis in pheochromocytoma); rarely for the treatment of hypertension (as part of complex therapy); withdrawal syndrome in opioid addiction (as part of complex therapy).

For oral use in adults. Take the tablet after meals, with a small amount of liquid. Doses of Clophelin-Darnitsa are selected by a physician individually for each patient.

Hypertension. Therapy should be started at low doses. In mild or moderate hypertension, 75 μg twice per day should be prescribed first. If necessary, the single and daily medicine dose can be gradually increased under the physician's direction. The average dose is 75-150 μg (1/2-1 tablet) 2-3 times per day. To obtain a 75 μg dose, a tablet should be broken in half along the breaking line.

Single doses of clonidine exceeding 300 μg should only be prescribed in exceptional cases, in an inpatient setting if possible.

The duration of treatment is determined individually by the physician, depending on the course of the disease, the clinical effect achieved and the tolerability of the medicine.

Hypertensive crisis. Prescribe 150-300 μg (1-2 tablets) sublingually (in the absence of pronounced dry mouth).

Withdrawal syndrome. Use in an inpatient setting with daily monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate. Prescribe Clophelin-Darnitsa at a daily dose of 300-750 μg, divided into 4-6 doses.

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