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Osmotic laxative. Lactulose.

Lactulose, synthetic derivative of lactose, is broken down to low-molecular organic acids under the influence of intestinal flora in the large intestine. Those acids decrease the рН level in the lumen of the large intestine and increase the volume of intestinal content through osmotic effects – this stimulates intestinal peristalsis. Along with this, the volume of fecal masses is increased and stool consistency is normalized, thus constipation is removed and the physiological rhythm of digestion is restored.

Constipation: regulation of the physiological rhythm of intestines.

Conditions requiring facilitation of defecation: hemorrhoids, after surgeries on the large intestine and anorectal area.

Hepatic encephalopathy: treatment and prophylaxis of hepatic coma and precoma.

Before treatment with lactulose one should consult a doctor, since the doctor should determine the dosage of the medication and the length of treatment

Patients with diabetes mellitus should use it with caution. For treatment of hepatic coma and precoma, much higher doses are prescribed, which fact should be taken into account when prescribing the medicinal product to patients with diabetes mellitus.

The dose should be selected, considering the clinical effect. Lactulose may be taken by mouth both diluted and undiluted.

The single dose of lactulose should be swallowed at once (don’t keep in the mouth cavity for a protracted period of time). The dosage regimen should be selected according to the patient’s needs.

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