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Sodium chloride-Darnitsa

0.9% sodium chloride solution normalises salt and water balance and eliminates fluid deficiency that develops during dehydration or through the accumulation of extracellular fluid in large burn and injury sites, in operations on abdominal organs, peritonitis. 0.9% sodium chloride solution improves tissue perfusion, increases the effectiveness of hemotransfusion in massive blood loss and severe shock.

To replenish the lack of fluid in the body and in the complex of intensive care measures; as a solvent for other compatible medicines. It can be used topically for rinsing wounds, nasal mucosa, as well as catheters and transfusion systems.

Prescribe intravenously, rectally, and externally.

Administered as an intravenous drip, up to 3 liters and more of the solution per day at a rate of

4–10 ml/kg/h, depending on the clinical situation and the level of fluid loss; used orally; prescribed in enemas at 75–100 ml; used for rinsing wounds, mucous membranes.


In children with shock dehydration (without determining laboratory parameters) administer 20–30 ml/kg. Afterwards, the dosage regimen is adjusted according to laboratory parameters.  The total daily dose depends on the electrolyte balance, etc.

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Specialized edition for medical institutions and doctors.