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Sodium thiosulphate-Darnitsa


Sodium thiosulfate has antitoxic, anti-inflammatory, and desensitizing effects. Sulfur ion donor.

Poisoning with arsenic, mercury, lead compounds; hydrocyanic acid and its salts; iodine, bromine and their salts.

In poisoning with arsenic, mercury, lead compounds; iodine, bromine and their salts, the medicine should be prescribed intravenously as a bolus injection at a dose of 1.5–3 g (5–10 ml of 30% solution). In poisoning with hydrocyanic acid and its salts, the medicine is administered intravenously slowly at a dose of 15 g (50 ml of 30% solution).

The medicine should be administered throughout the toxicogenic period (from the onset of the first clinical symptoms of poisoning to the complete toxin elimination from the body).


The medicine should not be used in children due to the absence of clinical data.

Specialized edition for medical institutions and doctors.