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Piperazine and its salts have anthelmintic effects on various types of nematodes, especially ascarides and pinworms. They act on both mature and immature helminths of both sexes, causing paralysis of muscles of nematodes, which are further excreted by peristaltic bowel movements. The degree of deworming when using the drug is 90-95%, and when re-used it eaches 100%. Since the drug does not kill ascarides in the intestinal lumen, but only paralyzes their muscles, which kept them in the intestines, there is no danger of absorption of biologically toxic products of their decomposition.

Ascariasis, enterobiasis.

Ascariasis: the drug should be administered orally 2 times a day, 1 hour or 0.5-1 hour after meals for 2 consecutive days. The single dose is: for children of 4-5 years of age - 500 mg, 6-8 years of age - 750 mg (use the drug in the appropriate dosage), 9-12 years of age - 1 g, 13-15 years of age - 1.5 g, adults and children aged 15 years - 1.5-2 g.

Enterobiasis: the drug should be prescribed in the same doses as for ascariasis. The treatment course is 5 days. Conduct 1-3 cycles of the therapy at seven-day intervals. To remove pinworms from the rectum, administer an enema at night between courses of treatment, adding 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) per 1 glass of water. The enema volume for children should be 1-3 glasses, for adults - 4-5 glasses.


Do not apply the drug in children under the age of 4.

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