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Psychostimulants and nootropic agents

Piracetam is a nootropic agent that acts on the brain, improving cognitive processes such as the ability to learn, memory, attention, as well as mental working capacity. Piracetam affects the central nervous system in different ways - through changing the speed of brain excitation, enhancing metabolic processes in nerve cells, improving microcirculation, affecting the rheological characteristics of the blood without causing vasodilation.

In adults:

– symptomatic treatment of pathological conditions accompanied by memory impairment, cognitive disorders, except for diagnosed dementia (senility);
– treatment of cortical myoclonus - as monotherapy or as a part of combination therapy.

The drug should be taken orally before or during meals. The tablets should be taken with a liquid (water or juice). The treatment duration and the individual dosing regimen depend on the severity of the patient's condition and the speed of the reversal of the clinical disease picture.

For use in adults

Treatment of conditions accompanied by memory impairment, cognitive disorders.

During the first week of the treatment, the initial daily dose is 4.8 g. The dose should be divided into 2–3 doses. The maintenance dose is 2.4 g daily (divided into 2–3 doses). Subsequently, a gradual dose reduction by 1.2 g daily is possible.

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