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Cardiotonic agents. Cardiac glycosides. G-strophanthin

Strophanthin Darnitsa is a cardiac glycoside isolated from strophanthus gratus. It is one of the main «polar» cardiac glycosides.

Acute heart failure, stage ІІb−III chronic heart failure (New York Heart Association (NYHA) Functional Class I-III), supraventricular tachycardia, atrial fibrillation.

The medicine should be administered intravenously in adults at a dose of 1–2 ml (dissolve in 10−20 ml of 0.9 % sodium chloride solution). It should be administered slowly over 5–6 minutes. The administration is once or twice daily. If possible, it is better to administer the medicine by an intravenous drip. To do that, 1 ml of the medicine should be diluted in 100 ml of 5 % glucose solution or 0.9 % sodium chloride solution. The intravenous drip reduces the possibility of toxicity. ECG monitoring is required 1 hour after the intravenous administration. The administration of the medicine should be discontinued in case of frequent, volley or polytopic ventricular extrasystoles, and the next dose should be reduced two-fold. It is recommended to administer the medicine at reduced doses, beginning with 0.125 mg, to patients with functional renal failure and elderly patients, and not to exceed 0.25 mg per day in the future (excluding emergency conditions).

If needed, the single dose can be increased. To do that, additional 0.1–0.15 mg (0.2–0.3 ml) should be administered with an interval of 0.5−2 hours. The maximum single dose should not exceed 0.25 mg and the daily maximum dose should not exceed 1 mg (4 ml).

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