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Ophthalmic medicines. Other ophthalmic medicines

Taufone-Darnitsa contains taurine, a sulfur-containing amino acid that is synthesised in the body in the cysteine conversion process. Taurine takes part in plastic material synthesis, thus stimulating reparative and regenerative processes in dystrophic eye diseases and/or pathological processes accompanied by acute eye tissue metabolism disruption, including eye injuries.

– Corneal and retinal dystrophy, including hereditary tapetoretinal degeneration;
– cataracts (age-related, diabetic, traumatic, radiation);
– to stimulate reparative processes in corneal injuries;
– open-angle glaucoma (as an adjunct treatment).

Taufone should be prescribed to adults.

Immediately before use, the dropper tube with the medicine should be held in the palm of the hand to warm it up to body temperature. To open the dropper tube, twist the cap off till its complete separation from the body. By lightly pressing on the dropper tube, instill the solution into the eye.

Specialized edition for medical institutions and doctors.