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Systemic antimicrobial agents. First-generation cephalosporins

Cefazolin is a semi-synthetic first-generation cephalosporin antibiotic for parenteral administration. The antimicrobial action mechanism is associated with the inhibition of the transpeptidase enzyme and blocking mucopeptide biosynthesis in the bacterial cell wall.

Infectious diseases caused by microorganisms susceptible to cefazolin:

– respiratory tract infections;
– genitourinary infections;
– skin and soft tissue infections;
– bone and joint infections;
– sepsis;
– endocarditis;
– biliary tract infections.

Prevention of surgical infections.

Before the initiation of the therapy, a skin test for hypersensitivity to the antibiotic must be conducted.

Cefazolin should be administered intramuscularly and intravenously (by drip and push). Cefazolin cannot be administered intrathecally!

Preparation of solutions for injection and infusion.

For intramuscular administration, dissolve the contents of the 500 mg (1000 mg) vial in 2–3 ml (4–5 ml) of 0.9 % sodium chloride solution or sterile water for injection and shake thoroughly until completely dissolved. Inject deeply into the top outer quadrant of the gluteus maximus.

For intravenous push, dissolve a single dose of the medicine in 10 ml of 0.9 % sodium chloride solution or sterile water for injection, and administer slowly over 3–5 minutes.

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