“Darnitsa” for Doctors

Patients’ health is the highest value resulting from such a high level of responsibility for human life, which you, professionals, assume every time at prescribing a treatment. Joint efforts of healthcare specialists, pharmacists, responsible medical officers, nurses and “Darnitsa” are aimed at studying and daily use of the most efficient and rational treatment practices for solving significant medical problems.


"Darnitsa" strives for innovation in the issue of communication with doctors. To this end, the mobile application GREEN BOOK was developed - a service designed to facilitate doctors' access to relevant information. It contains European and Ukrainian protocols of treatment, algorithms of medical care, calendar of conferences and trainings, scientific publications. The application provides for targeted interaction with doctors and feedback. The added value of GreenBook is the availability of educational content. With GreenBook, we offer interactive online and online tutorials with the opportunity to get a certificate. A geophysical function is available - a drug search in the nearest pharmacies with an indication of its price.



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