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Darnitsa is One of the Most Expensive Ukrainian Brands

14 April 2019

Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa was ranked 4th in the “Most Expensive Brands of Ukraine” rating according to “Correspondent” Magazine. The estimated value of the brand is USD 172.2 mil., which amount is greater than the figure of the last year by almost 16%.

According to the authors of the rating, they tried to back off as far as possible from subjective indicators or those difficultly assessed under Ukrainian conditions. For example, such as “market share”, “popularity” and the like. In assessing the brand, the key macroeconomic indicators of Ukraine and the advertising activity of the participants were taken into account. As before, the authors did not consider multinational brands and those that do not work with retail customers.

The market has a significant impact on assessment of a company's brand value. The Ukrainian pharmaceuticals industry is an innovative and highly competitive market that develops ahead of global trends. The domestic pharmaceuticals industry has all chances along with medicine, whose transformation can attract investment, to become the driver of the Ukrainian economy, and in this market “Darnytsia” holds leading positions.

Dmytro Shymkiv, the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Management Company of the PrJSC “Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa:

“Darnitsa is a financially sound business. According to the results of 2018, the company’s net profit was by 31.3% greater than in 2017. By investing at least 10% of its gross income in its development every year, Darnitsa has created the largest complex for the production of medicines in Ukraine, all units of which satisfy GMP requirements. Separate units, such as the production of infusion solutions and a fully automated logistics complex, are the examples of the implementation of the best international practices in Ukraine. The production capacities of the company ensure manufacturing of medicinal products in 15 dosage forms.”

According to him, the next step is building of the international company following the global standards: “We introduce modern tools that make it possible to manage the entire chain in the most efficient way, starting with supplies, manufacturing and ending with sales and forecasting. But not only money and tangible assets make the “admission ticket” to the upper world of brands. Weight to the company’s brand is given by its popularity and reputation. Darnitsa is a family business with a profound and interesting history, based on the confidence of both physicians and patients. This is confirmed by the logo of Darnitsa on every seventh pack of medicinal products sold in Ukraine.”

Since 1997 the company has been No. 1 in sale of medicinal products in terms of units sold. According to the results of 2018 the market share of Darnitsa by volume amounted to 14.4%. (According to the retail audit of the Market Research System of “Proxima Research” LLC).

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