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Darnitsa is one of the first companies that switched to the digital pharmacovigilance platform

17 September 2021

Generally, professionals in pharmaceutical supervision lose from 25% to 45% of their time, and, moreover, effort and attention searching for the necessary documents, forms to fill out, consulting and interacting with other departments.

Factors that prevent such losses are analyzed in the study published by the United Journal of Pharmacovigilance. The OtiPharm® Data Pro digital pharmacovigilance platform developers describe the optimization of processes and functions subject to automation. After that platform implementation, the pharmaceutical companies’ specialists can devote more expert time to the implementation of product safety solutions.

Darnitsa pharmaceutical company was one of the first companies to digitalize the Pharmacovigilance process using the OtiPharm® Data Pro platform. According to Oleksandr Torgun, Director for regulation affairs, the transfer of data accumulated by the company to the system, platform verification and implementation lasted three weeks instead of the expected two months. Over time, practical operation running, there arose a need to create additional modules, particularly, for efficient data management in the field of early stage-revealing adverse reactions; the developer completed this task in the shortest possible terms that helped to accelerate the new procedure implementation in the company.

The transition to digital pharmacovigilance platforms was purposed to revise the specialists' working time balance in routine operating processes to сarry out their work as experts. Based on the OtiPharm® Data Pro platform, the company has created an intuitive ecosystem embodying an organic continuation of the expert activity.

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