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Darnitsa Included in the Rating of Companies Implementing Sustainable Development Strategies

25 June 2021

Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company was included in the 2021 Sustainable Development Rating. The rating includes companies from various industries implementing strategies taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals. Darnitsa has become one of the two pharmaceutical companies that contribute to positive changes in society through their activities.

The Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN General Assembly are a set of criteria, the implementation of which is aimed at overcoming poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring peace and human welfare.

Through its activities, Darnitsa promotes health support, progressive education and cultural development in Ukraine, and implements a policy of environmental impact reduction.

Dmytro Shymkiv, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group: “Darnitsa supports the global trend of sustainable business development, so we have assumed additional commitments and are working systematically to implement them. Darnitsa is currently in the process of transformation, so it is important for us that the active growth of the company is accompanied by positive changes for the benefit of the society and the environment. In 2020, we allocated more than 14 million hryvnias for these purposes.”

As the leader of the pharmaceutical market, Darnitsa focuses on expanding the availability of treatment with effective and safe drugs, and provides medicines to the most vulnerable people free of charge through partnerships with non-governmental organizations. Since 2015, Darnitsa has been systematically cooperating with the public sector in the direction of developing progressive education, with the aim of introducing modern educational formats in Ukraine and promoting the education of leaders among young people. The company has more than 10 years of experience in implementing environmental initiatives, in particular - energy efficient technologies in production, responsible waste management, scaling the principles of “green office” and fostering an environmentally responsible culture among employees. 

2021 Sustainable Development Rating was prepared by experts of the magazines “Groshi” and “Correspondent” in partnership with the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine. The rating took into account the presence of anti-corruption procedures and practices in companies, gender balance in highest governing bodies, the level of wage compensation, the availability of socially oriented programs, financing of energy modernization projects and the dynamics of carbon footprint reduction.

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