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Darnitsa Launched a Medicine for Gout – Efstat

06 April 2020

Darnitsa launched a new medicinal product – Efstat – a medicine for treatment of gout and inhibition of the production of uric acid.

Gout is a chronic disease requiring constant urate-lowering therapy. The mode of action of Efstat, the active substance of which is Febuxostat, is associated with a decrease in the concentration of uric acid in the serum by selective inhibition of xanthine oxidase.

The drug is indicated for treatment of chronic hyperuricemia in diseases accompanied by the deposition of urate crystals or gouty arthritis.

It is also used for prevention of hyperuricemia in adult patients undergoing chemotherapy for hematologic malignancies with moderate or high risk of tumor lysis syndrome.

Efstat is available in the form of film-coated tablets in two dosage strengths: 80 mg and 120 mg, 28 tablets per pack.

The medicinal product is available on prescription.

Marketing authorization Nos. UA/17530/01/01 and UA/17530/01/02.

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Упаковка Efstat


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