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Darnitsa Launched a Digital Charity Program for “Zhyttelub” Charitable Foundation

18 December 2020

Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company initiated a digital charity fundraising “Your Good is a Superpower” for the wards of “Zhyttelub” Foundation. The Project will be launched on December 18, on the eve of Christmas and New Year holidays.

Darnitsa has the opportunity to share its “superpower” to support grandfathers and grandmothers. All that is needed is to make any charitable contribution on Superonuki platform and Darnitsa will double it.

The funds gathered will be used to purchase food gift baskets, procure medicines for the wards of the Foundation and to fulfill wishes of elderly people on Superonuki platform.

Dmytro Shymkiv, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group:

“The more successful a business is, the greater its commitments to the society are. Therefore, we allocate a part of the profits to support charitable initiatives. Today, all spheres of life are moving to digital and this opens up new opportunities for charity. Now doing a good deed is even faster, easier, and, most importantly, safe. This year, we initiated an online fundraising project for the elderly, as they are at the highest risk. We want to join efforts of all good-doers and double them to show - a few clicks can easily be turned into a good deed”.

Tina Mykhailovska, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of  “Zhyttelub” Charitable Foundation:

“Charity is the field that can make each of us a magician. When, if not before the New Year, to fulfill someone's little dream? This is exactly what we propose to do - to become Santa Claus / magician / sorcerer for life lovers and give them warmth and care. We know for sure that there are many quite lonely people among life lovers who need support and help. That is why we are grateful to Darnitsa for such an initiative and project. Together, as never before, we have reached the point, the point of vital necessity”.

You can joint the project by donating your “superpower” on Superonuki platform.

A virtual donation doubled by Darnitsa will become a real help to grandfathers and grandmothers cared for by “Zhyttelub” Charitable Foundation.

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