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Pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" implements the use of modern primary packaging for solid dosage forms

26 October 2021

The pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" has started using ALU/ALU cold-formed foil film for the primary packaging of some solid dosage forms. The main advantage of this packaging is that it is the only material that provides a high level of protection of finished medicines from moisture, oxygen and light. 

The primary packaging of medicines is chosen based on the calculation of the chemical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients and composition, potential factors of influence and risk factors. Based on this information, choose the primary packaging material that will ensure stable product quality during the target shelf life

During the storage of medicines, under the influence of light, temperature and moisture, decomposition and change of active substances may occur, which is accompanied by a change in the critical parameters of the product quality. This may affect its effectiveness. To prevent these processes and establish a commercial competitive shelf life, primary packaging  with barrier materials is used

PVC Film/PVDC/PVC consists of a polyvinyl chloride film and polyvinylidene chloride applied to it, which provides high oxygen barrier properties depending on the coating density.

ALU/ALU packaging is a cold-formed foil film, which is made of a three-layer laminate: PVC/aluminum/polyamide. The PVC side from inside the blister is in contact with the ready-made medicament.

The main advantage of ALU/ALU cold-formed foil blisters is that it is the only material that provides a high level of protection of the finished medicament from moisture, oxygen and light. This packaging is actually sealed, which allows to extend the shelf life of the product. First of all, it is very important for preparations that are sensitive to moisture and light. And it also allows you to expand the geographic distribution of drugs, for example, to countries with other climatic zones and storage conditions of medicines.

Now the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" uses ALU/ALU packages for such drugs as Preventor, Rosuvastatin-Darnitsa, Perindopres ® , Perindopres ® A, Perindopril-Darnitsa, Ranitidine-Darnitsa, Gastrotek ® , Ramiton A*.

First of all, we care about the safety of the consumer and work to ensure that medicines are maximally protected from the effects of the external environment even after they have already got on the shelves of pharmacies and to the consumer. The pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" uses the world's most advanced technologies and developments for this," said Oleksandr Torhun, Director of Regulatory Affairs of the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa".


PJSC pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" was founded in 1930 and this year celebrates its 91st anniversary. Since 1998, Darnitsa has been the leader in Ukraine in terms of the volume of production of medicines in kind.  The strategic directions of the portfolio development are cardiology, neurology, solving pain problems. During 2015-2020, Darnitsa released 50 pharmaceutical brands to the market.

* Registration certificate Preventor 20 mg №UA/17500/01/02, Preventor 10 mg №UA/17500/01/01, Rosuvastatin-Darnitsa 10 mg №UA/18441/01/01, Rosuvastatin-Darnitsa 20 mg №UA/18441/01/02, Perindopres ® 4mg №UA/16982/01/02, Perindopres® 8mg №UA/16982/01/01, Perindopres А® 8 mg/10 mg №UA/17768/01/02, Perindopres А®  4 mg/5 mg №UA/17768/01/01, Perindopril-Darnitsa 4 mg №UA/18525/01/01, Perindopril-Darnitsa 8 mg №UA/18525/01/02, Ranitidine-Darnitsa №UA/4934/01/01, Gastrotek ® №UA/18812/01/01, Ramiton А 10 mg/5 mg №UA/18731/01/03,  Ramiton А 5 mg/5 mg №UA/18731/01/01, Ramiton А 10 mg/10 mg №UA/18731/01/04, Ramiton А 5 mg/10 mg №UA/18731/01/02.

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