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Darnitsa's portfolio is replenished with an agent for correction of electrolyte balance disorders

12 January 2020

Darnitsa's product portfolio is replenished with the new medicinal product Plasmoven, infusion solution used to correct electrolyte balance disorders.

Plasmoven is an isotonic electrolyte solution with the concentrations of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium ions) corresponding to their plasma concentrations. Anionic composition of the medicinal product is a balanced combination of chlorides, acetates and malates, which prevents the occurrence of metabolic acidosis.

Infusion therapy is a cornerstone of modern medicine, as infusion therapy is an integral part of any treatment of any serious disease. During infusion therapy in the inpatient setting, saline solutions are used to detoxify, normalize electrolyte and acid-alkali balance, rehydrate and so on. According to the current guidelines, when conducting infusion therapy preference should be given to balanced solutions, with the electrolyte composition close to the electrolyte composition of blood plasma. In cases where there is a need for urgent administration of the solution, squeezable containers (bottles) should be used for rapid infusion.

Plasmoven is used to replace the loss of intercellular fluid in case of isotonic dehydration in the presence or threat of acidosis. In life-threatening situations, 500 ml of the product may be introduced quickly under manual pressure.

The product is available upon a doctor’s prescription, supplied in a 500 ml bottle.

Registration Certificate No. UA/17779/01/01.

Information for medical and pharmaceutical workers only for professional use. The information is presented in an abbreviated form. For complete information on the medicinal product and possible adverse effects, refer to the instructions for medical use. The site is a specialized publication intended for medical and pharmaceutical professionals. You should consult your doctor before using this medicinal product. Self-medication can be dangerous to your health.



Упаковка Plasmoven


Solution for infusion
Specialized edition for medical institutions and doctors.