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The action of myramistin is based on the direct hydrophobic interaction of the molecule with the membrane lipids of microorganisms that leads to their fragmentation and destruction. A part of the myramistin molecule, by penetrating into the hydrophobic region of the membrane, destroys the supramembrane layer, loosens the membrane, increases its permeability for high-molecular-weight substances, changes the enzyme activity of the microbial cells, inhibiting the enzyme systems, which leads to suppressing the processes vital for microorganisms and their cytolysis.

– Complex treatment of oral candidiasis.
– Complex treatment of acute and chronic tonsillitis.
– Treatment of stomatitis, gingivitis; prevention of microbial complications after surgery on the oral mucosa.
– Complex treatment of acute pharyngitis and/or exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis in children over 3 years old.

The spray should be used topically in adults to spray the mouth.

Oral candidiasis should be treated by spraying the medicine 2–4 times per day.

In the treatment of tonsillitis, it should be sprayed in the mouth and/or pharynx 3–4 times per day.

In the treatment of stomatitis, gingivitis, the medicine should be sprayed in the mouth 3–4 times per day.

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