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Dioxizol-Darnitsa is a combination drug for local use; its active substances are dioxidine and lidocaine. The solution has a strong local anesthetic action and moderate hyperosmolar effect, can stop wound and perifocal inflammation, stimulates reparative processes and phagocytic activity in the wound.

– Infected soft tissue wounds of various locations and origins (limb amputation stumps, wounds after surgical treatment of purulent foci, bedsores, trophic ulcers, suppurative postoperative wounds and fistulas, periproctitis, abscesses and phlegmons of the maxillofacial area, etc.)
– Second-fourth degree burns
– Acute and chronic osteomyelitis
– Preparing wounds for skin grafting
– Prevention of pyoinflammatory processes in surgery and combustiology during various plastic surgeries

Dioxizol-Darnitsa is used in adults locally and for introduction into fistulas, wound cavities, and pockets.

Local use.

The drug should be used immediately after surgical treatment of wounds and burns and also in their subsequent treatment; the wound surface should be cleaned of exudate and necrotic tissues before application. Soak sterile dressing material (gauze bandages or tampons) abundantly in the solution and apply them onto superficial burns or introduce into deep wounds, then apply sterile cloths and fix them with a bandage or sticking plaster. In the treatment of burns, the bandages should be changed once per 7–14 days, in treatment of wounds, once daily.

Into fistulas, wound cavities, and pockets.

Introduce the drug through a drain tube, catheter, or using a syringe (without a needle) 1–2 times daily followed by application of a sterile gauze bandage.

The dosing and treatment duration depend on the size of the injured area, severity of the condition, tolerability of the drug and should be determined by a physician. The daily dose when administered locally should not exceed 100 mL, when administered into cavities, 50–60 mL. The duration of treatment should be no longer than 15 days.

If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated in 1–1.5 months.

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