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Potent diuretics. Sulfanilamide drugs

Furosemide is a fast-acting loop diuretic that causes a relatively strong and short-term diuretic effect. Furosemide blocks the Na+K+2Cl-cotransporter located in the basal cell membranes of the thick segment of the ascending limb of the loop of Henle - thus the effectiveness of the saluretic effect of furosemide depends on whether the medicine reaches the lumina of the tubules in via an anion transport mechanism.

– Oedemas in chronic congestive heart failure (if treatment with diuretics is required).

– Oedemas in acute congestive heart failure.

– Oedemas in chronic renal failure.

– Acute renal failure, including in pregnant women or during childbirth.

– Oedemas in liver diseases (if required to supplement the treatment with aldosterone antagonists).

– Hypertensive crisis (as a maintenance medication).

– Support of forced diuresis.

The treatment regimen is determined by the physician on an individual basis depending on the degree of water-electrolyte imbalance, the glomerular filtration rate, and the severity of the patient's condition. While the medicine is used, the water-electrolyte balance parameters should be adjusted taking into account diuresis and the dynamics of the patient's general condition.

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