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Medicines used to treat alcoholism

Medichronal-Darnitsa is a combination agent that helps to diminish the accumulation of toxic alcohol metabolites in the body, in particular, acetaldehyde (ethanol oxidation product). The medicine has a detoxifying effect, improves metabolic processes in the body, enhances the synthesis of catecholamines, especially noradrenaline, which improves neurotransmission, stimulates the limbic-reticular complex, increases the functional activity of the cerebral cortex.

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Alcohol intoxication, withdrawal; to increase the effectiveness of other therapies; prevention of intoxication; secondary prevention of alcoholism. 

Medichronal-Darnitsa should be administered orally after meals, with the contents of both packets pre-dissolved in 200 ml of warm water. The single dose is 28.5 g (the total weight of the components of both packets). To improve the taste, the contents of the packets can be dissolved in non-carbonated drinks (juice, kompot, etc.).

To relieve acute alcoholic states, the medicine should be used on the first day 1–2 times (with an interval of 10–12 hours) at a dose of 28.5 g, in the next 2–3 days — 28.5 g once per day.

In combination with other medicines in the treatment of chronic alcoholism and, if necessary, secondary prevention, the medicine should be administered as one pack (28.5 g) daily for 7 days, with three courses with a three-day interval between them. For the prevention of recurrence, 1–1.5 months after a Medichronal-Darnitsa treatment course it is recommended to undergo a repeat thirty-day course. Use of 1 to 3 repeat short-term preventive treatment courses (7-14 days) over a year is also possible.

To prevent alcohol intoxication, take a single dose (the contents of packets #1 and #2) 30 minutes before drinking.

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