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Methyluracil & myramistin

Drugs for the treatment of wounds and ulcers

The drug contains methyluracil, which stimulates metabolic processes, and myramistin, a cationic antiseptic. Methyluracil accelerates regeneration, wound healing, stimulates the cellular and humoral components of immunity, has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Complicated, poorly healing wounds;

radiation and trophic ulcers (including patients with diabetic angiopathy, ulcers in weakened patients with significant immunosuppression);

burns and other skin damage.

The drug has a photoprotective effect in patients with photodermatosis.

The drug should be used topically. After the standard treatment of wounds and burns, the ointment should be applied directly to the affected surface, then a sterile gauze dressing should be applied, or the ointment applied to the dressing and then to the wound.

Also, drug-impregnated gauze sponges can be used for careful filling of purulent wound cavities after their surgical treatment, or gauze turundas with ointment can be introduced into fistula tracts.

The drug should be used once every 1–2 days. The dose depends on the wound surface area and the amount of purulent exudate. The duration of treatment is based on the dynamics of wound clearing and healing. Discontinue treatment when wound granulation appears and wounds are cleared of wound exudate.


Due to insufficient experience of use, the drug should not be prescribed in paediatric practice.

Specialized edition for medical institutions and doctors.