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Antibiotics and chemotherapeutic drugs for use in dermatology. Chemotherapeutic agents for topical use

Oflocain-Darnitsa® is a combination of the antimicrobial agent of the fluoroquinolone group of ofloxacin and the topical anesthetic - lidocaine - on a hydrophilic, hyperosmolar and water-soluble basis. Pharmacological effects of the ointment are provided by the properties of the active substances in its composition.

Complicated infected wounds in the first phase of the wound process of different location and origin: amputation stumps of limbs, wounds after surgical treatment of suppurative foci. Bedsores, trophic ulcers, postoperative complicated wounds and fistulas, abscesses and phlegmons of the maxillofacial area after their surgical treatment.

Prevention and treatment of suppuration of burn wounds.

Suppurative inflammatory skin diseases caused by bacterial microflora sensitive to ofloxacin.

Before applying the medicinal product to the wound surface, it is advisable to wash the wound with an aseptic solution.

Specialized edition for medical institutions and doctors.