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Blood substitutes and perfusion solutions. Intravenous solutions. Solutions for electrolyte disturbance correction. Electrolytes.

This medicinal product is the isotonic solution of electrolytes, in which concentrations of electrolytes correspond to their plasma concentrations. It is used for correction of losses of extracellular fluid (i.e. loss of water and electrolytes in proportional quantities). The aim of administration of the solution is to restore and maintain normal osmotic conditions in the extracellular and intracellular space. The anion composition of the medicinal product constitutes a balanced combination of chlorides, acetates and malates preventing the development of metabolic acidosis.

Compensation for losses of intercellular fluid in case of isotonic anhydration in the presence or threat of acidosis.

Large volume infusions may be administered to patients with cardiac or respiratory failure of mild to moderate severity under close monitoring (for more serious conditions see “Contra-indications” section).

Patients who receive cardiac glycosides, should be careful using potassium-containing and calcium-containing solutions (see “Interaction with Other Medicinal Products and Other Forms of Interaction”).

Solutions containing potassium salts should be cautiously administered to patients with heart diseases or conditions that may lead to hyperpotassemia, such as renal failure or adrenocorticosteroid deficiency, acute anhydration or extensive tissue destruction in cases of severe burns

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