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Angioprotectors. Capillary stabilising agents. Troxerutin

Troxerutin-Darnitsa has angioprotective and phlebotonic effects. The main medicine accumulation site is the venular endothelial layer.

For symptomatic treatment of venous insufficiency, pre-varicose and varicose syndrome, superficial thrombophlebitis, phlebitis and post-phlebitic conditions; for complex treatment of haemorrhoidal disease; swellings and pain in injuries and varicose veins; muscle cramps (a spastic contraction of the calf muscles).

Externally – the gel is applied in the morning and evening on the skin of the affected area and gently rubbed in until fully absorbed. In severe conditions, it is recommended in combination therapy with troxerutin capsules. In chronic venous insufficiency, combination therapy should be used until the symptoms fully disappear. The dosing and the treatment duration are determined by the physician on an individual basis depending on the course and the severity of the disease.

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