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“Darnitsa” Combines Modern Technologies and Innovative Solutions in a Renovated Office

17 June 2021

Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company completed the major reconstruction of the office premises with 255 workplaces in the capital at Boryspilska Street. State-of-the-art architectural and technological solutions provide the office space with functionality, focus on changes and innovation, create a comfortable space for efficient work and development.

Dmytro Shymkiv, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group: “Renovation of the Darnitsa’s office became a logical continuation of the large-scale transformation of the company. The new space fully meets the modern challenges and requirements faced by the business and the team. The reconstruction of the premises lasted for more than a year and a half. Our renovated office is a smart space with automated control of engineering systems, created on the principles of functionality, security and comfort. It will provide each employee with the opportunity to achieve their potential, develop talents and work effectively in a team.”

Darnitsa’s commitment to innovation is reflected in the renovated office building. This smart facility is managed by modern technological systems. With the help of the automated solution the inflow of 100% fresh air is maintained and its two-stage filtration with efficiency of 95% is provided, an optimum microclimate is set and maintained with a possibility of adjustment of parameters in separate rooms. Furthermore, employees can adjust the lighting of their own workplaces depending on individual needs.

Zoning of the space facilitates maximum comfort and productivity. Darnitsa has engaged architectural studio A-III in the development of the design concept and all stages of the design documentation. The 6-storey building contains open space areas and a sufficient number of equipped rooms that can be used for negotiations and online meetings, as well as for relatively isolated work. For informal communication and relaxation on each floor there are lounge areas, as well as a large common dining area on the ground floor.

Particular emphasis is placed on the environmental friendliness of materials and technologies that make the stay in the room as comfortable as possible. In particular, the ceilings are equipped with special sound-absorbing panels, and the floor covering not only muffles the sound, but is also hypoallergenic. Ergonomic and functional office furniture meets European standards and ensures convenience in use.

Visual communications in the office are supported by an information display system consisting of video walls, panels for video broadcasting and touch panels. The conference hall with 120 seats is equipped with projection stitching on two walls, a speaker system and multilevel lighting, which makes it possible to create realistic panoramic images and at the same time show all the necessary information for a large audience.

The design of the premises is dominated by white color and materials such as glass, which provides the effect of openness, extra space and destroys any barriers.

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