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Zagoriy Foundation and Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company Give Three Lung Ventilators to the Kyiv City Emergency Care Hospital

17 March 2020

The pandemic of the new COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly in Europe. Countries are facing the fact that a significant number of patients need resuscitation, but medical facilities do not have sufficient lung ventilators.

The Zagoriy Foundation, Charitable Foundation, and Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company make their contribution to Ukraine's preparation for combating the pandemic and give three lung ventilators to the Kyiv City Emergency Care Hospital.

Vela equipment manufactured by Viasys (USA) is designed to provide artificial pulmonary ventilation to patients in serious and critical conditions.

Dmytro Shymkiv, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group: “We have taken into account the experience of other countries in the fight against the epidemic and take a proactive approach. The new COVID-19 virus causes rapid overrunning of intensive care units and hospitals in the countries where the epidemic peak is registered. In such circumstances, every lung ventilator in medical facilities in Ukraine is a saved life. That is why we, together with the Zagoriy Foundation, purchased three lung ventilators to give them to the Kyiv City Emergency Care Hospital for permanent use. In difficult times it is important to support the society and the state in order to overcome difficulties together and with dignity.”

Yevheniia Mazurenko, Director of the Zagoriy Foundation: “During the pandemic, health professionals advise to stay home and reduce social contacts. But we can be together, even when everyone stays at one’s home. For charity also means unity. Difficult times require everyone to remain calm and take care of each other. The necessary equipment, such as lung ventilators, will help doctors to save lives. Regardless of their strategy, charitable foundations must respond to the challenges faced by the world. Countering the COVID-19 epidemic is currently the most burning issue.”


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