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Darnitsa is implementing a digital personnel management system

26 May 2021

The pharmaceutical company Darnitsa is developing a project to implement the SMART HCM system to effectively manage human capital. This system operates on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The digitalization of the HR function is happening in line with the chosen strategy of transforming Darnitsa into a 100% digital company.

The SMART HCM system combines Dynamics 365 and artificial intelligence technologies to automate the processes of recruiting, adapting, training and evaluating employees. The chosen solution will increase the efficiency of HR-processes and staff involvement and reduce the time spent on evaluation and training of employees.

Olena Sokolova, HR Director of Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company: “Digital technologies help us to build the right communication with employees, effectively meet new challenges and ensure further growth of Darnitsa. Digitalization of the personnel management process allows not only to increase the efficiency of the team, but also to provide individual attention and care for each employee."

A personal digital assistant, which new employees receive, will reduce the period of their adaptation by one and a half times and will make integration into the corporate environment more comfortable.

In general, HCM covers employee recruitment and interaction, event management, e-learning, skills development, workflow gamification, and evaluation. The system has a user-friendly interface and provides a wide range of communication channels, including a web portal and chatbots. HCM opens access to the knowledge database for users and, thanks to the integration with the SAP ERP system, facilitates messaging and accumulating all the necessary information in the personal account.

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